About Canteen Boy

We are a fast paced catering solutions company that offers a complete range of savory cuisines and cafeteria management services for an array of businesses, hospitals, institutions and industries. Our menu is prepared with a passion for perfection and is a delicious blend of health, hygiene and absolute commitment to exceptional quality.

In our pursuit to provide unique range of delicacies, we constantly monitor food trends and keep updating our menu with scrumptious new items. Our meals are prepared by seasoned chefs and served by a passionate staff trained thoroughly in food and hospitality management. We also conduct periodic inspections and training sessions to ensure that all quality protocols are religiously practiced.

We specialize in understanding the specific needs of our clients and provide customized food solutions tailored specifically to their requirements and taste. Our client-centric approach coupled with premium food quality and industry leading service have earned us the valuable trust of our clients. We constantly strive to improvise our methods and update our know-how to better serve our clients.