Quality & Hygiene

Quality is the framework of our thriving service. We are committed to providing exceptional quality of food and service by constantly implementing new procedures that will help us prepare clean and high quality meals. Our quality policy is a binding factor for all members of our team and is inherent in all our services.

  • We assure all our clients nutritious, healthy and delicious food.
  • We solemnly guarantee against all food malpractices, food adulteration and assure a completely hygienic and healthy food preparation.
  • We assure use of hygiene equipment such as hair nets, food safety gloves and sanitized apparel in all food preparation areas.
  • We strictly abide by all health protocols and conduct inspections to ensure their rigorous implementation.
  • We strive to exceed customer expectations by providing exceptional food quality and taste.
  • We aim to constantly improve our service by actively implementing customer feedback.