Why Canteen Boy

We are different in approach, different in goals and different providing service. It is this positive attitude that has made us the preferred choice of our clients.

Customized and Non-repetitive Menu
We boast of our expertise in providing customized food solutions to an array of businesses, institutions and industries. We offer a unique 30 day non-repetitive menu that can be tailored to specific requirements.

Hygienic Approach
Our staff is required to strictly wear hygiene apparel like gloves and hair-nets at all times while handling food. We have strict policies of personal hygiene and train our staff thoroughly to make it their second nature.

Exceptional Customer Service
We have a 24x7 Customer Service helpline to conveniently handle all client inquiries. We also have an instant customer feedback mechanism to instantly address any grievances.

Ability to Perform
We have the ability to cater to events of any budget or size, with both local, regional, as well as international cuisine options. We also have a hospitable staff trained to handle any situation with a smile.

Healthy and Nutritious Food
All our food is prepared fresh. We are committed to providing healthy and nutritious food with a taste that will keep our clients coming back for more.

We use only Agmark/ISI/FPO approved ingredients, farm fresh vegetables, fruits and dairy. We do not source any product that is sold loose.